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Questions? As new parents (and experienced ones) we have a lot of them.

Our products are made for sensitive skin of all kinds — pregnancy included. At this time, you’ll find your skin is more reactive than usual, and our delicately designed formulas are equally so in application.

Harsh preservatives, strong fragrances and chemical ingredients are known triggers during pregnancy — and have an even greater affect after birth. We go above and beyond cosmetic standards to create products that are natural, organic and free from allergens and irritants.

Our entire range is safe to use during pregnancy. Our Baby Oil, in particular, is popular for its healing cold-pressed oils including hydrating camellia oil, known for its toning and firming properties.

Looking after you, and your baby from the outside in is our number one priority — no matter what stage of the process you’re in.

After birth, the deepest layer of baby’s skin named the dermis is three to four times thinner than in adults. Almost translucent due to being submerged in amniotic fluids, the transition to a new environment can be drying and irritating.

It was this fact that spurred us to create a product that could soothe even the most vulnerable newborn skin, safe for use from birth.

Our simple yet meticulously researched and tested formulas are designed for the most sensitive skin — using natural and organic ingredients free from unnecessary fragrances and chemicals to protect and nourish. Specifically designed to reach the specified pH range for baby’s skin, our products will keep your little one’s skin healthy and happy from day one. Hypoallergenic, accredited made safe, non-toxic, allergy certified, sustainable and cruelty free, our products are community minded — and are loved by people of all ages just as much.

Eczema is the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become itchy, inflamed, or have a rash-like appearance. Although common in newborns, this condition does not have a common cure — and can be an exhausting condition for babies and parents alike.

Before you do anything, we recommend you speak to a dermatologist about the severity of your baby’s skin sensitivity and ensure the response you’re seeing is the result of eczema and not a more serious allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, an essential ingredient in natural eczema management is time (something a lot of new parents are running short on as is). Patience is needed for natural eczema treatments, as this solution may not have the dramatic short-term results of harsher products like steroid creams. The long-term payoffs, however, are well worth the wait.

Eczema takes dryness and dials it up to 10, causing extreme irritation. This condition needs the gentlest care — which is why our allergy certified, hypoallergenic and irritant free products are excellent management tools. While everyone’s skin is different, The Baby Lotion contains ingredients that have been proven to soothe dry patches, alleviate flaky skin and even treat our own child’s eczema. As with any topical product, we recommend you patch test before full use (and then put our product to good use).

Cradle cap can be a tricky skin condition that mostly affects babies up to three months of age. It often causes the skin to become inflammed and develop a thick yellow crust. (A gentle warning to those who may be tempted to pick at the crust skin and peel it off with your finger - It is suggested that you refrain from doing so to avoid possible infection.)

When our little ones suffered with cradle cap, it was a mixture of oils and ointments that helped reduce inflammation and get rid of the red, flakey skin.

Try using The Baby Oilas a 100% natural and effective remedy on cradle cap — massage The Baby Oil onto baby’s scalp for a few minutes prior to the bath, leave on the scalp until bath time, and gently wash off. The Baby Oil contains natural ingredients such as Calendula and Jojoba oils which work together to reduce flaking by softening and soothing the scalp.

Our products can be used individually, or collectively to maximise soft skin, hours of sleep and most importantly, happy babies.

We recommend you apply The Baby Oil in your baby’s skincare routine first, to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Start at your little one’s little toes and move all the way up the body, massaging our 100% natural oil onto damp skin for maximum absorption.

Next, follow with The Baby Lotion; focussing on dry areas that need that extra bit of love and care. The thick, occlusive nature of our products creates a barrier to moisture loss on your baby’s skin, ensuring the impact of your routine is locked in for the long run (or crawl or toe wiggle).

We recommend repeat moisturising for skin affected by eczema, with application of The Baby Lotion suitable three times a day. Choosing clothing with gentle and all-natural fibres such as cotton will also help your baby’s skin breathe — and help you breathe easier, too.

Our products are carefully designed for effectiveness and longevity. So, it’s only natural our packaging is too. All of our products and packaging are made using recyclable materials, with bottles and tubes made from HDPE and PET — allowing each to be reused and given new life when the time is right.

We care about the environment, and do everything we can to minimise our impact, reduce our carbon footprint and prioritise sustainability from day one, including production emissions, all the way through to the individual sourcing of our ingredients.

What is in our products?

While we’re fans of natural ingredients, our products do not contain nuts or nut derivatives. 

For a full list of ingredients, please refer to our individual product pages (and for all your other nut-needs, head to the fresh produce aisle).

In our opinion, essential oils really aren’t that essential — which is why we keep our usage deliberate and minimal.

These oils can be incredibly potent and should be used sparingly in a very low dosage. Any essential oil used in Seven Sundays is carefully selected and ensured to be the safest, purest form of an ingredient sourced from trusted suppliers. If essential oils are used in our products, they have been chosen for therapeutic, not fragrance purposes.

We avoid lavender oil in particular, as this widely used ingredient in the skincare market (often found in popular kids’ skin care, as well as detergents, mists and bubble baths) is a known allergen in the industry, even in its most diluted form. Extremely fragrant and strong, this oil has a reputation for soothing, but the reality is far from the case.

Essential oils can also disrupt the bonding process between parent and child, over shadowing natural pheromones and overwhelming a baby’s senses. For a more in-depth look into why we avoid fragrance in our products, refer to the ‘Why are your products fragrance free?’ question below.

Fragrance is the number one trigger of allergic reactions, known to affect and inflame our systems — especially in babies and children. Despite fragrances being known allergens and irritants, many skin care companies continue to include them in their products (often to mask unwanted smells of chemicals or artificial ingredients). However, at Seven Sundays, we do things differently.

When it comes to sensitive skin — there’s no room for potential irritants. Our products contain natural and organic ingredients that are scent-free to protect against reaction and inflammation. With no nasties to mask, our products simply speak (or more so, smell) for themselves.

The final reason we produce fragrance-free products is bonding. Fragrances are known to disrupt natural bonding patterns that occur through pheromones between parents and babies. Our fragrance-free approach promotes these natural sensory experiences, allowing your baby to recognise and relax to you as a person.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and is recognised for its ability to regulate energy levels, support the immune system and promote deep relaxation and sleep quality.

Our transdermal magnesium is easily absorbed into the skin, with natural anti-inflammatory properties that help little bodies relax, rewind and recharge (throughout the whole night, at that). Hydrating and nourishing, magnesium also helps to regulate cellular regeneration, increasing recovery of dry or damaged skin.

Naturally calming, our high-grade magnesium chloride formula is specifically designed to keep the whole family sleeping better for longer (you can thank us later).

It’s more than nourishing — it’s protecting, too. We believe maintaining the microbiome balance of your baby’s skin is an essential factor in skincare. We use a natural prebiotic to keep pH levels balanced and the protective microbiota reinforced, while maintaining a strong barrier against inflammation and irritation.

The prebiotics in Seven Sundays are clinically proven to prevent the reoccurrence of severe skin conditions (and upset newborns even more so).

Water-based products are extremely common in skin care — but for all the wrong reasons. Many skin care ingredient lists feature aqua as their primary and dominant ingredient (a signal that less room is left for active, purposeful inputs). Water is also filled with bacteria which requires synthetic preservatives to maintain shelf-life, dulling the natural benefits of the formula and ultimately proving poor value.

At Seven Sundays, we’re strong believers in the impact of pure, natural ingredients — properties we would never water down. We believe in using a smaller amount of highly concentrated ingredients, so you get the most from our products (and the most for your money, too).

A little bit more about us...

At Seven Sundays, every decision made along the way was made for them.

We’re not fuelled by profits. Or mass appeal. Or bottom lines. We’re fuelled by a love for the little people these products are designed to help, and the rest has simply followed.

We create incredibly pure, concentrated and high-quality products with purpose, and that means we never skimp on the details. Our skin care is Australian made, owned and operated; combining only the most essential natural and organic ingredients to create not just a product, but a solution for parents looking to do best by their children. 

We make sensitive skincare for the most vulnerable; safe to use from birth for even the most delicate of situations, inflammations or eczema rash conditions. And we do it in a way that promotes natural sleep cycles, more balanced routines, effortless parent-child bonds and provides a sense of calm for parents who can’t help but feel a little out of control.

Our products are the outcome of years of unconditional love — for our children, and now for yours. And that’s what makes us different.

You know what our unconditional love looks like — show us yours.

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No, not at all. It was a key priority that none of our products were tested on animals. We test on ourselves, never on animals.

Our products are made using all recyclable materials, including the card used in our shipping boxes, our unit boxes and tissue paper. The packaging of our bottles and tubes is made from HDPE and PET and they have no harmful emissions during their production or during their use by the consumer. Additionally, they leak no toxic chemicals into the soil or water and all of the above are key reasons why we chose these materials for our packaging – as well as being recyclable.

We are privately owned family run. We develop all of our own products in small batches right here in Australia.

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